Adult Toy Basics

Things To Look For In Adult Toys – Basic Tips

While it’s impossible to determine how many times the world’s population engages in sexual intercourse over any given time span, some statistics indicate the average number of times per year a single person has sex is 49 times. The average person, coupled or not, does the dirty 127 times per year.

However many times a person has sex each year, month, or week will likely never be known. Either way, adult toys are still fun to use. Many people report having more fun masturbating than when engaging in sexual intercourse. Further, it’s reasonable to assume that most people enjoy having sex or masturbating when adult toys are involved.

As most people will use adult toys once or more often in their lifetimes, it’s important to know the basics of adult toys – even if you’re certain you will never use them.

Most frequently encountered adult toys

Let’s look into some common types of adult toys, and a few not-so-common ones.

Vibrators are characterized by one or more weights inside a hard shell – when a power supply is siphoned to vibrators, they shake rapidly in small circles or back-and-forth patterns, causing users to feel far more stimulation than what they would from masturbating or playing without them.

These adult toys  at can be shaped like spheres, ellipses, or phallic objects. Today’s vibrators often have wireless remotes that can be used to activate them from far-away locations.

Strap-on dildos consist of a sturdy harness that users affix to themselves prior to engaging in intercourse. Some are purchased with dildos, although many different types of phalluses are compatible with them. Strap-ons are almost always used by lesbian women or by women on men, although gay couples can use them, as well.
Some strap-ons feature double-ended dildos, causing the top – the dominant partner using the dildo to mimic the male in natural human intercourse – to feel pleasure upon thrusting.

G-spot vibrators are similar to vibrators, except they’re intended to be inserted into one’s vagina to directly stimulate the “g-spot,” or the backside of the clitoris. These toys can also be used in the anal canal, causing men to achieve harder orgasms than normal by getting up-close and personal with one’s prostate.

Butt plugs are essentially small dildos used to widen one’s anus or add pleasure during sexual intercourse or masturbation. They can be used by men and women alike, and can even be used to achieve orgasm.

Taking proper care of adult toys

Unlike toys we played with as children, adult toys are more difficult to take care of. Further, because they’re used internally, they can carry sexually transmitted diseases, and even harbor harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew.

Never soak toys in water for any length of time. When washing, rinse with lukewarm water, wash them with mild soap, then let them dry by air without patting dry with a towel.

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How to Use Adult Toys

Different Fashions of Adult Toys and How to Use Them

Everyone – obviously – must have sex to have children. While many children are born each and every year, our population increasing more quickly than ever before, humans have sex for fun far more frequently than to birth kids.

Sex is fun. Sex is a sin. Go ahead, stick it in.

We’ve likely all heard a poem like the above at some time during grade school. All-out sexual intercourse, foreplay, and masturbation are all very fun, hitting all the right spots in our brains to release dopamine and other feel-good chemicals that make us feel, well, good.

Below is a brief guide to some of the modern market’s most popular adult toys, what they’re used for, and their identifying characteristics.

What materials are adult toys constructed from?

Simply put, several handfuls’ worth of materials. Some of the most popular include glass, silicone, rubber, latex, wood, and glass, although this list is far from comprehensive. The most important thing to know about adult toys is whether they’re susceptible to absorbing external substances, chemicals, and materials, or not.

JouJou Sex Toys are those that rarely absorb body fluids, easter, and other substances. These impermeable toys are easier to clean than their porous counterparts, and are also less likely to absorb sexually transmitted disease.

Porous adult toys are those like jelly rubber or Cyberskin. Again, while not a complete list of these important-to-know styles, every porous toy should be cleaned far more carefully than others. Don’t let them absorb water when washing them, stay away from cleaning them with rough materials, and refrain from using them without condoms if at all possible.

Are any types of adult toys unsafe

Believe it or not – even though they’re just sex toys – some types are entirely unsafe. Latex is often safe, although it has several integral flaws. Some people have latex allergies, causing areas that come into contact with latex adult toys to experience bodily reactions caused by histamines. The material is also highly absorptive, leading to a higher probability of catching an infection from using an improperly-cleaned toy. It can also absorb normal bodily excrements, building up mold, mildew, and other nasty things you probably wouldn’t want in your body.

Jelly rubber used to be the most popular material to produce adult toys. However, it’s recently been suggested to cause cancer in those who come into contact with jelly rubber’s primary intoxicant, called phthalates.

Popular types

Butt plugs are intended to be left in the anal cavity for long periods of time, although no longer than one full day. Even then, only the most experienced of aficionados should use butt plugs sparingly.

Dildos are shaped like penises, largely replicating the feel of a man’s member, although many are longer than the average penis.

Vibrators, a common choice, contain off-centered weights. When spun, Joujou Vibrators stimulate whatever they come in contact with, most commonly the female clitoris.

 Thanks to its velvety soft surface, the BOOTIE delivers rapturous pleasure making it the perfect plug for newcomers and the experienced.

What Sex Toys Can Do for You

What Sex Toys Can Do for You

Experimentation is a normal part of human sexuality. You may have a friend who is all about regular sex toy use. If you want to learn more about the seemingly mysterious adult toy sphere, you shouldn’t feel self-conscious or nervous. Sex toy use is totally common and normal these days. There’s a strong chance your neighbor has an adult toy. There’s a good chance that your boss has an adult toy, too. These people may even have multiple sex toys at their disposal.

A Sex Toys at Joujou can introduce a lot of joy and freedom to your life. If you have an adult toy, you don’t have to depend on another human being to fulfill your sexual needs. That can be a significant convenience. It can reduce a lot of stress and tension for many, too. An adult toy can give you a sense of relaxation and peace of mind. It can give you mental clarity. If you’re someone who dislikes pent-up sexuality, then you should learn about your adult toy choices as soon as possible.

Sex toys can do a lot for individuals who feel rather repressed sexually. If you want to break free from the confines of sexual repression, use of sex toys can change your life for the better. Use of sex toys can make you feel more at ease with your body and your identity. Use of these toys can make you feel like you can conquer the world, too. Who wants to live a life that’s full of nonstop sexual tension and unhappiness? If you want to escape that kind of existence, then frequent sex toy use can help you easily do so.

Vibrators at JouJou can be beneficial for people who are single and who are still looking for their soulmates. They can be beneficial for people who aren’t interested in pursuing romantic relationships with others. They can even come in handy for happy couples who are looking to spice up their relationships and make things more interesting. If you adore your partner but feel that your sexual interactions could use a little boost, it may be a good idea to shop for sex toys together. If you’re in a relationship that’s all about freshness and change, it may be optimal to shop for sex toys as a team, too. You should never feel timid about bringing up sex toy use to your partner. If you can’t communicate openly with your partner, that’s not a good sign. Sex toy use can actually help couples that need communication assistance.

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Benefits Of Using Sex Toys

Benefits Of Using Sex Toys

If you’re in a relationship and find that it’s hard to stay focused or interested in sex, then consider using sex toys. You can use the toys to find out what the other person enjoys, making it easier to satisfy each other without Joujou Sex Toys in the future. Using sex toys doesn’t replace the physical attraction or behaviors between a couple. They simply enhance the excitement that is already present. They allow each person to become more aware of the body in all areas whether it’s with each other or alone.

Some sex toys can bring role playing into the relationship. You can have a bit of bondage action with adult toys or a fantasy with relaxation and sensuality. You’ll find everything from lubricants for those who have issues with being too dry at times to adult toys with a realistic design for those who aren’t always able to be with their partner. Toys allow for deeper thrusting at times, which can enhance sexual feelings for the women. There are sex toys that vibrate, offering pleasure for the man to last longer and the woman so that she experiences an intense experience, making it easier for both people to climax together.

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