Adult Toy Basics

Things To Look For In Adult Toys – Basic Tips

While it’s impossible to determine how many times the world’s population engages in sexual intercourse over any given time span, some statistics indicate the average number of times per year a single person has sex is 49 times. The average person, coupled or not, does the dirty 127 times per year.

However many times a person has sex each year, month, or week will likely never be known. Either way, adult toys are still fun to use. Many people report having more fun masturbating than when engaging in sexual intercourse. Further, it’s reasonable to assume that most people enjoy having sex or masturbating when adult toys are involved.

As most people will use adult toys once or more often in their lifetimes, it’s important to know the basics of adult toys – even if you’re certain you will never use them.

Most frequently encountered adult toys

Let’s look into some common types of adult toys, and a few not-so-common ones.

Vibrators are characterized by one or more weights inside a hard shell – when a power supply is siphoned to vibrators, they shake rapidly in small circles or back-and-forth patterns, causing users to feel far more stimulation than what they would from masturbating or playing without them.

These adult toys  at can be shaped like spheres, ellipses, or phallic objects. Today’s vibrators often have wireless remotes that can be used to activate them from far-away locations.

Strap-on dildos consist of a sturdy harness that users affix to themselves prior to engaging in intercourse. Some are purchased with dildos, although many different types of phalluses are compatible with them. Strap-ons are almost always used by lesbian women or by women on men, although gay couples can use them, as well.
Some strap-ons feature double-ended dildos, causing the top – the dominant partner using the dildo to mimic the male in natural human intercourse – to feel pleasure upon thrusting.

G-spot vibrators are similar to vibrators, except they’re intended to be inserted into one’s vagina to directly stimulate the “g-spot,” or the backside of the clitoris. These toys can also be used in the anal canal, causing men to achieve harder orgasms than normal by getting up-close and personal with one’s prostate.

Butt plugs are essentially small dildos used to widen one’s anus or add pleasure during sexual intercourse or masturbation. They can be used by men and women alike, and can even be used to achieve orgasm.

Taking proper care of adult toys

Unlike toys we played with as children, adult toys are more difficult to take care of. Further, because they’re used internally, they can carry sexually transmitted diseases, and even harbor harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew.

Never soak toys in water for any length of time. When washing, rinse with lukewarm water, wash them with mild soap, then let them dry by air without patting dry with a towel.

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